Monday, January 4, 2010

porque Dios no es silencio.

A whole week, a whole weak, finding strenght on weakness.
Coffee taste and tangerines, watching the sun all day from sunrise to sunset.
From the beggining to the end. Timeless.
Staring at the grass when it moves itself, letting your soul blow away
like an autumn leaf.
Giving God the time and you being able to hear, feel, and see Him; until you realize he's been always there, you just were too busy to notice.
Life healed by time, listening to silence, nature's music.
Breathing life, breathing love, breathing forgiveness, breathing time, breathing music, breathing turns into a gift.
Breathing every smile and every tear that comes onto my face.
Being yourself, knowing yourself, warning yourself, testing yourself.
Opening your heart and letting your mind blow away.
Being humble, and truthful.
Letting it be, letting love grow by itself.
I try to translate that week into a way of living.

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